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Brass Threaded Has A Good Flow Regulation Function

Brass Threaded in the pipeline fluid is mainly used to cut, distribution and change the direction of media flow, designed to V-shaped opening of the ball valve also has a good flow regulation. Brass Threaded is evolved from the cock, and its opening and closing pieces as a sphere, the use of the ball around the axis of the valve rotation 90o to achieve the purpose of opening and closing.

Solenoid valve is an electromagnetic control of industrial equipment, is used to control the fluid automation of the basic components, are actuators, not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic. As a high-quality products in the solenoid valve, 2W-40 brass threaded solenoid valve has excellent performance, let's take a look at this product.

2W-40 solenoid valve, electrical converter Product Features:

The electrical converter converts 0 - 10mA or 4 - 20mA DC signals into 20 - 100kPa pneumatic signals to communicate with the pneumatic unit instrument to work with the pneumatic unit meter.

1, the electrical converter is a direct-acting (no feedback) instrument,Brass Threaded you can get high-power pneumatic output signal.

2, beautiful appearance, clever structure, small size, light weight. High sensitivity, good stability, medium precision (especially for the output circuit).

3, the scene can directly change the mode of action. External with a span, zero adjustment device, easy adjustment and maintenance.

4, the converter's internal line with a thermistor, you can automatically temperature compensation.

5, wide gas supply range, to adapt to a variety of different occasions. Low air consumption.

6, the electrical converter can be directly used for different input electrical signals, such as 4-20mADC or 0-10mADC. Its output pressure can also be divided,Brass Threaded such as 20-60kPa or 60-100kPa. To achieve the above purpose only need to adjust the "zero" and "span" adjustment device, you can.

7, can be installed at any angle (Note: work installation angle position should be aligned with the adjustment angle position).

2W-40 solenoid valve works

2W-40 solenoid valve is used to control the direction of the flow of the basic components of the fluid, belonging to the actuator; usually used for mechanical control and industrial valves above the control of the direction of the media, so as to achieve the control of the valve switch. The solenoid valve has a closed cavity, open holes in different positions, each hole leads to a different tubing, the middle of the cavity is the valve,Brass Threaded both sides are two electromagnets, which side of the magnet coil valve body will be attracted To the side, by controlling the movement of the valve to stalls or leakage of different oil drain holes, and the oil hole is normally open, the hydraulic oil will enter a different drain pipe, and then through the oil pressure to promote the cylinder Pistons, pistons and drive the piston rod, the piston rod drive mechanical device moving. This controls the mechanical movement by controlling the current of the electromagnet. Only the solenoid valve is the role of electromagnetic force on the seal in the electric control valve casing within the iron core to complete, there is no dynamic seal, so leakage is easy to block.

Electric valve torque control is not easy, easy to produce internal leakage, or even pull off the stem head; solenoid valve structure type easy to control the internal leakage, until reduced to zero. Therefore, the solenoid valve is particularly safe to use, especially for corrosive,Brass Threaded toxic or high and low temperature media. Solenoid valve itself is simple structure, the price is low, compared to other types of actuators such as regulating valve easy to install and maintain. The more significant is the composition of the automatic control system is much simpler, the price is much lower. As the solenoid valve is the switch signal control, and industrial computer connection is very convenient. In today's popular computer, the price dropped significantly in the era,Brass Threaded the advantages of the solenoid valve is even more obvious.