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Brass Pipe Excellent Thermal Conductivity, High Strength And Seawater Corrosion Resistance

Brass Pipe: A kind of non-ferrous metal tube, is the suppression and pull the seamless tube. Copper Pipe has a strong, corrosion-resistant characteristics, and become a modern contractor in all residential commercial housing in the water pipeline, heating, refrigeration piping installed first choice. The brass pipe is the best water supply pipe.

High-precision Brass Pipe is a precision-machined zinc-containing copper alloy tube with high dimensional precision, good mechanical properties, easy cutting, excellent thermal conductivity, high strength and good corrosion resistance of seawater. High-precision Brass Pipes are widely used in electricity (thermal power, nuclear power generation units, petrochemical transport, seawater desalination, sea salt production, shipbuilding and other marine industries, mainly used in the manufacture of contact corrosive media of various condensers, heat exchangers, condensers, water supply and other piping systems, filters, pumps and valves and other components. With the development of related industries, especially the rapid development of electric power, shipbuilding and marine industry, the market demand of high-precision brass pipe is rising rapidly. The Brass Pipe itself is sensitive to stress corrosion cracking, and when there is sufficient tensile stress and ammonia-containing corrosive medium at the same time, it will lead to the rupture of stress corrosion. There has been a rupture of brass pipe in the condenser empty area, there is a large tensile stress in some copper pipes, and the ammonia content in the air pumping area is higher, and after a period of time running, the stress corrosion is intensified, which leads to the rupture of copper tube.

Brass Pipes, not with plated parts and welding materials, excluding brass castings. The fittings shall be complete, clean and free from precipitation and condensation tubes. The brass pipe of the scrap Navy shall include a clean and complete navy brass condensing pipe, electroplating, and non electroplating. Must not contain nickel alloy, aluminum alloy and corrosion material. Waste aluminum brass pipe should include a clean and complete aluminum brass condensate pipe, electroplating, and not electroplating can be.

Brass industry production process of waste pipe, these waste resources to scrap, machining debris mainly, and the same batch of scrap, processing of the same number of copper alloy, no factory to trade, in the brass industrial production enterprises can be melted into the new brass raw materials.

The advantage of this is that the model is single, no mixing, avoid unnecessary adjustment ingredients reuse. Even if there are two or three of different models of copper alloy in the same enterprise processing, they produce scrap and processing debris, also easy to distinguish, can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Copper processing enterprises in the consumption of copper processing materials, about $number will become scrap, the use of $number is called copper processing material utilization. and $number copper processing materials suddenly become scraps, but also the new resources will not factory reasons.

After the use of discarded products, is a variety of industrial products, equipment, spare parts of the brass pipe. The source of this old resource is complex, the life cycle of all kinds of industrial products is very different, which can be recycled brass pipe, only after dismantling industrial product can be obtained, and often is a variety of copper alloy mixed together, such as car radiator in the water tank tube for H90 brass, in the meantime, soldering with lead-tin solder, The water tank is H68 alloy and so on. Important Old brass recycling resources have electronic components, car water tanks, air conditioners, copper tubes, sanitary products.