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Brass Fittings High Strength And Good Plasticity

    Brass Fittings with high strength, good plasticity, suitable for cold, hot-working weldability and corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, good plasticity under hot state, good machinability, weldability, good corrosion resistance, synthesized by two elements of copper and zinc, called ordinary Huangtong, called special brass by more than two kinds of elements, The basic composition of the elements and the proportion of copper, its performance is also different, while the Brass Fittings according to its actual requirements can be made in different specifications.

All kinds of deep drawing and bending of the load, such as pins, nuts, barometer springs, heat dissipation, annular parts. Lead Yellow copper plate is a widely used lead brass, has good mechanical properties, and cutting process is good, can withstand hot and cold pressure processing, so used for cutting and stamping processing of various structural parts, such as gaskets, bushings and so on. Tin-yellow copper plate has high corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, in cold, hot-state pressure processing is good,Brass Fittings can be used on the ship corrosion-resistant parts and steam, oil and other media contact parts and catheters. Good mechanical properties of brass, conductive, low thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, corrosion cracking tendency, corrosion-resistant important parts and weak electricity industry parts.

H90 Gao copper Row characteristics and applicable range: The strength is higher than the copper (but in ordinary brass, it is the lowest, conductive, good thermal conductivity, in the atmosphere and fresh water has a high corrosion resistance, and has good plasticity, easy to cold, hot pressure processing, easy to weld, forge and tin plating, no stress corrosion rupture tendency. Thermal processing temperature 850~950℃, annealing temperature 650~720℃, to eliminate the internal stress of low-temperature annealing temperature 200 ℃, yellow copper is composed of copper and zinc alloy,Brass Fittings if only by copper, zinc composed of brass is called ordinary brass. Brass is often used to make valves, water pipes, air conditioners and other internal and external machine connection and radiators.

If it is composed of more than two kinds of elements of a variety of alloys called special Brass. such as lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron, silicon composition of copper alloy, brass has a strong wear resistance, special brass is also called Special brass, it is high strength, hardness, chemical corrosion resistance strong. Also has the mechanical performance of the cutting processing is also outstanding,Brass Fittings the seamless copper tube which is drawn by the brass, soft and wear-resistant, brass seamless tube can be used in heat exchanger and condenser, Low-temperature pipeline, submarine transport pipe, the manufacture of sheet, strip, bar, pipe, casting parts, such as copper in 62%~68%, plastic strong, manufacturing pressure-resistant equipment, According to the different types of alloy elements contained in brass, brass is divided into common brass and special brass, and the pressure machined brass is called deformed brass.

Use: Can do a variety of deep drawing and bending made of the force parts, such as pins, rivets, washers, nuts, catheters, barometer, sieve,Brass Fittings radiator parts and so on. It has good mechanical properties, good plasticity under hot state, good plasticity in cold state, excellent machinability, easy fiber welding and welding, corrosion resistance, and is widely used as a common brass variety.