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Air Hose Pipe Chemical Corrosion Resistance, Light Weight, Good Abrasion Resistance

At present, high pressure cleaning machine has been popularized and applied gradually in every industry field in our country, and it is gradually enlarging trend. Air Hose Pipe is the necessary original for connecting nozzle and high-pressure water pump, and high-pressure hose is the connecting component between pump direct and Jet unit. The following mainly introduces the joint form of high-pressure hose and precautions.

The joint form of high-pressure hose can be divided into internal thread form and external thread form.

1 Internal Thread form

This structural form generally applies to the work pressure ratio is low, the flow is relatively big occasion, this kind of connection way permits the diameter of the high pressure tube to increase suitably, its seal mainly relies on the seal ring.

2 external Thread form

This structure is mainly used in the case of high pressure, and the working pressure is more than 1800bar when this connection method is used. This type of connection is through the external thread connecting parts pressure locking nut, so that the cone sealing surface of the pipe segment and the sealing surface of the connected parts close fitting,Air Hose Pipe play a role in sealing. The connected parts can also be jet accessories, such as high-pressure spray gun, flat cleaning nozzle, three-dimensional rotating nozzle, etc., can also be other high-pressure hose. This kind of connection method can effectively prevent the connection looseness under the complicated construction condition.

Second, high pressure rubber hose with cone seal notes

1 The cone angle of this connection is 60 degrees, which requires that the cone angle of pipe end should be less than 1 degree of hole cone angle generally;

2 The pipe end position must maintain the sharp angle, may not be inverted blunt;

3 The thread rotation between the pipe end and the locking nut should be opposite to the outer threaded connecting piece;

4 in the processing of connectors, should be in the seal to keep the leakage of small holes, in order to prevent the cone seal when high-pressure water leakage,Air Hose Pipe this can not only play a safety warning role, but also easy to observe and judge, so as to better protect the seal surface is not damaged

Air Hose Pipe, widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, shield, steel, shipbuilding and other industries, the following talk about various industries and the characteristics of materials, the late selection will also be a great help.

①upe/xlpe cross-linked polyethylene. Chemical resistance, oxidation resistance, good stability.

② Teflon, with high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, can damp friction and good anti-aging.

③PVC polyvinyl chloride. Corrosion-resistant,Air Hose Pipe stain-proof, anti-swelling gas, the disadvantage is easy aging.

④pur Poly (methylene) ester. Chemical corrosion resistance, light weight, good wear resistance. (generally used in wear-resistant pipe)

⑤NR Natural rubber. There is elasticity, frost resistance, abrasion resistance, tearing, acid and alkali resistance, low temperature water and alcohol, the disadvantage is chemical resistance is weak.

⑥si Silicone rubber. High temperature resistance, cold resistance, ozone aging, tasteless. The disadvantage is the high cost. Generally used in the food industry