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The composition of CNC machine tools and the working principle of each part.

May 10, 2018

CNC machine tools are composed of control media, human-machine interaction equipment, computer numerical control (CNC) devices, feed servo systems, spindle drive systems, programmable logic controllers (PLC), feedback systems, adaptive control, and machine tool bodies. The working principle is as follows:

In order to control the CNC machine tool, the control medium must establish some connection between the human and the CNC machine tool. The intermediary material of this connection is the control medium.

Human-machine interaction equipment, CNC machine tools in the process of operation, usually requires the operator to intervene in the numerical control system and the input processing program editing, modification and debugging, the numerical control system also shows the CNC machine tool running status.

Computer numerical control devices and numerical control devices are the backbone of CNC machine tools. At present, most CNC machine tools use microcomputer control.

Feed servo drive system, the role of the servo drive system is to change the position control movement command from the numerical control device into the movement of the machine tool's working part.

Spindle drive system, machine tool spindle drive system and feed servo drive system.

Programmable controller, the role of auxiliary control of CNC machine tools.

Feedback system, including position feedback and speed feedback.

Self-adaptive controllers, process parameters such as the displacement and speed of the CNC machine tool table can be determined by instructions when programming.

The main body of the machine tool and the main body of the numerical control machine tool are composed of a bed, a column and a work bench.