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Stamping die design, security considerations in the use

Mar 29, 2017

Practice has proved that the precision stampings and precision and is closely related to quality is the precision stamping mould, so users tend to strengthen the focus on quality. When in the use of such moulds, tend to ignore the security of it, which is also important in stamping die design.

In order to ensure the security of stamping die, when designing its structure should as far as possible ensure that feed, materials, parts, ease of cleaning up waste, this can also reduce the possibility of problems in stamping die used.

When you need when faced with large precision stamping process, if the operator must send an in-depth job of stamping mould, to minimize the range of input and, where possible, shorten the time a part of the body in mold and clear mold dangerous area, equipped with the necessary protective measures and devices.

For small precision stamping process, is absolutely prohibited the operator's finger, wrist or other parts of the body into the stamping die jobs in the region, so as to avoid accidental injury. Whatever the type of stamping die, should always be marked on the General layout of the design mold weight, easy to install and ensure public safety.

When stamping die parts during disassembly and Assembly, should pay attention to safety, avoiding the possibility of finger, hand-cut and disintegration of mold to facilitate storage. Not allowed to occur in the processing of precision stamping process scrap missiles or artifacts, and influence the operator's attention, even injuring the operator.

Stamping dies to ensure that the various parts of sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent damage and deformation in the process of using; and their related fasteners against loosening measures to avoid unintentional injuries the operator. In short, stamping die of even minor problems will affect security, must be absolutely careful.