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Should choose what performance stamping oil

Mar 29, 2017

During the process of stamping and punching oil use is essential, not only for punching technology provides good lubrication and cooling of, can also help prolong the service life of the equipment. Then pressing oil needs what are the conditions?

First of all, of course, has good lubricity, or would cause the workpiece or material adverse effect, not only stamping parts quality is not high, will shorten the service life of stamping die. But also have a certain cooling, during the punching process will produce a lot of heat, if not promptly send out the word prone to deformation of the material.

In order to effectively avoid the forming of rust, used stamping oils to rust, so can protect against damage stamping surface oil film, so as to achieve good rust inhibiting effect. In practical applications, rust also by pressing oil properties, processing conditions, and environmental factors and other factors, so the oil more rust.

In order to simplify processes and improve production efficiency, require oil with the oil used in stamping welding effect, preventing defects during welding stamping parts with oil. Meanwhile, skim is one of stamping and some basic requirements, not to forget.

In addition, because usually in oil paint before stamping on the plate, so it must have good control and can continue for some time, on the one hand pressing oil other performance decreases over time.