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Production of stamping parts stamping materials?

Mar 29, 2017

Before the production of stamping parts base to be ready in two, one is stamping materials, two are involved in the process of stamping technology materials there are many, each with different characteristics, therefore in the production of stamping parts to take note.

Stamping materials more commonly used are the ordinary cold rolled steel plate, was formed after cold rolling mill of continuous rolling of steel ingot cylinder, because this material does not have any protection, so when it's vulnerable to oxidation when exposed to the air, so production of stamping parts as possible before painting, plating or other protection.

Secondly, the choice of galvanized steel sheet stamping material object, its substrate for cold-rolled steel coil in General, but after zinc plating production line after degreasing, pickling, electroplating and various post-processing. So it not only has the General cold rolled steel strip mechanical properties and processability, and has excellent corrosion resistance and decorative appearance.

In contrast, hot-dip galvanized steel punch material strength than typical galvanized a lot, and ductility are to be improved, there are also thick zinc coating, welding of poor. There is also a stamping material is widely used, it's stainless steel, its performance is surely Needless to introduce it.

Stamping materials were separated or in the process of forming, sheet metal thickness is small, so its internal organization doesn't change, this is one feature of stamping. And the production efficiency is high, easily mechanized and automated production.

Because stampings made of precision, smooth surface, so are no longer processed or added as needed for machining can be used. From small instruments to large artifacts, is formed using stamping technology and a complex stamping parts produced.