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Maintenance of precision stamping mould

Mar 29, 2017

In long-term continuous stamping process in the, precision stamping mold of main work parts, including rushed CD convex, and concave die, and side edged, and punch die, and waste cut knife, edge pieces and with different die cavity of forming convex, and concave die, will for natural wear, and accident damaged, and incidental accident,, makes die cannot normal operation, cannot rushed business out qualified rushed pieces and interrupted production, must on precision stamping mold for appropriate repair.

1) emergency repairs
Stamping process and die of an accident, breakdown or punching burrs or the size variance of substandard, die must shut down to repair or sharpening, known as temporary emergency repairs.
(2) pre-screening repair
Production preparation stage of the inventory planning use die testing and storage after use store the die for a routine inspection, to ensure normal production can be carried out smoothly, ensuring warehouse storing molds in good condition. Found in test holder for poor performance, technical condition is not ideal, even cutting edge wear, cracking, chipping, spring breaks, deformation of bolt loose ... ... Risk, can be found by grinding or plan to repair and resolve in a timely manner.

Two precision stamping die repair method in the field is used. In most cases, just insist on pre-inspection repair and sharpening, and emergency repairs will be reduced.