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Common brass casting method

Mar 29, 2017

Common brass casting method: there are three kinds of brass casting method, proven to be suitable for brass casting.
1, lost-wax casting:
Usually associated with bronze casting lost wax casting, but can also be used for brass and really for any other metal. By using the wax, ceramic cover, artisans will be filled with the molten alloy instead of wax. Tinkering around the shell it will reveal the brass piece. Lost wax casting is required when using a high degree of attention to detail. Create a decorative copper pieces or sculptures of artists or metal casters will find, lost wax casting technology that will meet their needs far better than other technologies and methods.
2, die casting:
Another way to die-cast brass foundry. Die casting is typically used for a commercial foundry, because the bad initial start small home foundries. By creating a reusable mold from steel, the caster will be able to create a score the same product. If the caster or artists planning to make multiples of a product, you can find a viable market that mold with brass casting, should be used.
3, sand casting:
Sand casting is probably the most ancient of casting, is still a commonly used method, especially for the small foundry. Brass is poured into a sand mold, you can create a unique look, this may be the craftsmen of choice. Sand casting is often the most sensible small foundry, if casting is not incredibly attractive, then this method is a lot preferable.