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Accessories for aluminum casting and quality

Mar 29, 2017

Aluminum fittings quality has a great influence on the performance of mechanical products. For example, machine cast aluminum accessories of wear sex and size stability, directly effect machine of precision keep life; various pump of impeller, and shell body and hydraulic pieces within cavity of size, and type line of accuracy and surface rough degrees, directly effect pump and hydraulic system of efficiency, energy consumption gas corrosion of development,; engine cylinder body, and cylinder head, and cylinder sets, and piston ring, and exhaust tube, cast aluminum accessories of strength and resistance stress cold stress hot sex, directly effect engine of work life.
Local infiltration method brush, injection method, dipping and local pressure impregnation method, it applies a known leaking parts of the casting. This process is simple, easy to use, impregnation agents consume less, for the production of large castings or single piece casting. Overall impregnation method of pressure impregnation, pressure impregnation, vacuum impregnation, vacuum pressure impregnation, and more for the mass production of small and medium sized castings.
Aluminum fittings preferred mainly due to sand casting than sand casting other casting methods of low cost, simple production, short production cycle. When wet can not meet the requirements, then consider using clay sand dry sand, dry sand or other sand type. Cast aluminum casting method of voice production lot adapted to low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods, equipment and tooling is expensive, so only suitable for mass production, aluminum castings can be single piece casting or production.
Accessories for aluminum impregnation method based on casting properties, distribution, casting conditions of work, structure and impregnating agents in specific circumstances. Impregnation method is divided into local infiltration and infiltration as a whole two categories. Casting defects of cast aluminum parts, likely through, or surface defects or hidden defects affecting the strength of casting, found only by non-destructive testing methods, cannot be repaired, impregnation is only valid for the first two defects.