Copper Plumbing Coupling Sweat Tubing Coupler Nut Cap Bushing Plug Pipe and Fittings

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Copper Plumbing Coupling Sweat Tubing Coupler Nut Cap Bushing Plug Pipe and Fittings


As for all materials, the allowable internal pressure for any copper tube in service is based on the formula used in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Code for Pressure Piping (ASME B31): P = 2S(tmin – C) Dmax – 0.8 (tmin – C) where: P = allowable pressure, psi S = maximum allowable stress in tension, psi tmin = wall thickness (min.), in. Dmax = outside diameter (max.), in. C = a constant For copper tube, because of copper's superior corrosion resistance, the B31 code permits the factor C to be zero. Thus the formula becomes: P = 2Stmin Dmax – 0.8 tmin

Because of its exceptional formability, copper can be formed as desired at the job site. Copper tube, properly bent, will not collapse on the outside of the bend and will not buckle on the inside of the bend.


Alternatively, the necessary length of tube in an expansion loop or offset can be calculated using the formula: where: L = developed length, in feet, in the expansion loop or offset as shown in Figure 4. E= modulus of elasticity of copper, in psi. P = design allowable fiber stress of material in flexure, in psi. do = outside diameter of pipe, in inches. e = amount of expansion to be absorbed, in inches. For annealed copper tube: E = 17, 000, 000 psi P = 6, 000 psi Thus, the developed length L is simply: L = 7.68 (doe)1 /2









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