Brass Wired Temperaturecontrol Valve

Our factory are good at machining,sample or drawing will be welcome. We always try to reduce the cost to increase value for customer.

Product Details

Our factory are good at machining,sample or drawing will be welcome.

We always try to reduce the cost to increase value for customer.

Product Details

1.Technical Standard:

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Radiator valve 15mm:

1.Temperature sensor

Temperature hysteresis:1.0 k

Max admissible static pressure:10 bar

Max admissible differential pressure:1.0 bar

Normal pressure:16 bar

Max temperature resistance:110 degree 

Temperature extent:6-28°C


2.Thermostatic valve body

Made of brass, easy to be installed

Low resistance

Water temperature : less than 120 degree

Normal resistance to pressure: 10 bar


Certificate: EN215 ,CE ,ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004


Material: brass


Temperature range: 6 -28 degree




Angle/Straight Valve


Weight information (valve body only)




straight valve


straight valve


straight valve


angle valve


straight valve


angle valve


3 way  


3 way  


3 way  

245 g230 g 315 g 300 g 390 g 370 g 360 g 455 g 600 g



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a. Fail-safe on Hot or Cold Supply Failure

b. Delivers Stable Mixed Water Temperature

c. Set Range : 35-45 C

d. Idea for Domestic Water Applicatione. Tamper-Proof Cap


What is the thermostatic mixing valve ?

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve is a valve that blends hot water (stored at temperatures high enough to kill bacteria) with cold water to ensure constant, safe outlet temperatures preventing scalding.They shut-off rapidly in the event of a hot or cold supply failure to prevent scalding or thermal shock.TMVs accurately control water temperatures for bathing, showering and hand-washing. They maintain pre-set temperatures - even if water pressure varies when other appliances are used. TMVs can be fitted under baths and basins, be part of shower fittings, or as a feature of exposed hot and cold water mixers.


Usage of TMVs

Point of use mixing for wash hand basins, bidets, baths and showers in hospitals, schools, sport and leisure facilities, prisons and other public buildings.



our company

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Packaging & Shipping

1. Shrink bag --> 2. Small Box --> 3. Carton  -->  4. Strong Plywood Case




Mechanical components for engineering and construction, machinery, vehicles, robot parts, Pipe fittings, Fasteners, Electronic components, Hardware and other metal parts.



Payment Terms

T/T 30% in advance, balance before shipment.

Port of Loading

Ningbo, China


Samples one week or so, batch production 30days at least.



 What is the constant temperature?
Constant temperature is a constant temperature in a certain environment. Precise instruments are needed to measure the change of temperature at any time, and then adjust the temperature to make it always a temperature.


 Thermostatic mixing valve?
Thermostatic valve is a warm system supporting products, widely used in electric water heater, solar water heater and heating water system. And the application in electric water heaters and solar water heaters, can automatically adjust the temperature according to the need of cold and hot water mixing, the required temperature can be achieved quickly and stable, ensure the water temperature constant, and is not affected by water temperature, flow, pressure changes, wash bath center solve problems when the cold water temperature sometimes hot and sometimes cold, interrupt hot water, water mixing valve can be automatically closed in a few seconds, play a security role.


 Thermostatic valve choice?
The different applicability of different thermostat valves
Commercial large flow constant temperature valve: suitable for children's swimming pool, school, hospital, senior club, beauty salon center, bath center and other places.
Common constant temperature valve: suitable for household use, can be used with water heater and water faucet, can be used with bathtub faucet and shower screen.
Solar special thermostat valve: because of its cold and hot water pressure adjustable, especially suitable for solar water heater.


 What is the payment term?
30% deposit,70% paid before shipment.L/C,T/T,Cash,Paypal,Western Union is acceptable.


 Can we use our own shipping agent?


 How can I get one thermostatic mixing valve as a sample?
Pls contact us and tell us the item you need.We will make a PI for your payment. After payment received,products will be delivered.

 Can we use our own logo on thermostatic mixing valve and packing?
Yes,OEM is acceptable..Please send email to us for more details.


 Is there cheap shipping cost to import to our country?
For small order,express will be best;For bulk order,sea shipment is the best but takes longer time;For urgent orders,we suggest by air.


 Can we get support if we have our own market position ?
Please inform us your detailed schedule on your market demand,We will discuss and propose helpful suggestion for you to find the best solution.